More and more of our staff are being assigned laptops for both work use
inside and outside of the office. The principal office server is runing
Netware 6.5 sp 4.

I'd like to be able to set up laptop computers so that they have two
"personas". The first would be "Joe at Office". Logging in as that user
would bring up the Netware client login screen, and the user would, once
logged in, have access to the NDPS printers defined on our network and
installed on his laptop.

The second would be "Joe on Road". The assumption here is that the user may
or may not have access to an Internet connection. Upon logging in I would
like the user to miss the Netware login screen, just getting the regular
Windows Workstation one. Once logged in they would find icons on their
desktop which, upon acquiring an Internet connection, would allow them to
map drives to my server (Net drive). They would also find they had access to
ipp printers on our network.

Is this scenario something I should be able to accomplish with XP Pro sp2?
Anyone able to suggest alternative methods for permitting dual use of a

I look forward to your comments and suggestions