I've encountered strange situation here. Whenever I install Novell Client
4.91 SP2 on my WinXP SP2 machine, ActiveSync 4.1 process will be killed
automatically, hence making it impossible for me to sync with my PDA. I
tried to repair and reinstall ActiveSync after the installation of Novell
Client, but to no avail.

When I uninstalled back Novell Client, repair ActiveSync installation, I
can again sync with my PDA without any problem.

Could anyone highlight to me the solution for this problem? This is a
home PC which I daily use to access files in my office server which run
on Novell, but I need to sync with my PDA as well. Currently, the only
solution that I have is to install/uninstall Novell Client several times
a day just to get ActiveSync works when I need to use it.