running into some really irritating network browsing delays on our
newest workstations (dell gx280's and gx620). At first, we thought it
was something in the hardware, most likely the network cards-the most
noticeable change from our older standard workstation platforms) that
was the source of these delays, but further investigation shows that
its the installation of autocad 2005. Our older machines were running
autocad 2002. newer ones have both '02 and '05 as we make the

Users notice this from the "file>>open" dialog in the applications, but
it also affects windows explorer. You can open up explorer and browse
around a few directories without any problem, until seemingly randomly,
exploder just freezes when attempting to open a folder. It can hang
for 60 seconds or more. If you watch from the task manager, the
exploder app actually opens a second instance, and both go to "not
responding" status. If you wait long enough, it eventually lets go.

seems like its more likely on folders with large amounts of compressed
autocad files, but that is only an impression, and I've seen it hang on
other folders that don't have alot of files, autocad or other.

tried it with all different settings on the network control on/off...makes no difference.
Updated to the latest broadcom nic drivers from Dell. Updated the
client to 491spk2, + the 4 latest post-sp2 patches. no changes.
client settings: IP only, provider order is correct (nw on top), unused
name resolution protocols disabled, slp enabled and configured
(single-segment lan). File caching is off/ file commit is on.
Server: nw6.5 spk3. NSS volumes, "client file caching enabled" is off,
"level 2 oplocks" is off. n65nss3a installed. the main production
volume is 300gigs, with compression enabled.
clients are running NAV, but network scans are disabled.

If I un-install autocad 2005, everything seems to go back to normal.
but autodesk won't support any networks other than "you-know-who".
there is mention of "slowness" issues on netware lans in their KB, but
their only suggestion is to update to the latest client.

I saw some past discussions of file saving issues with acad 2006...a
registry hack to solve that problem. I attempted to apply the registry
key to the corresponding location in '2005, and it had no effect.

kind of stumped as to which way to go from here. we can't "not" deploy
acad2005, and since it is our company's reason for having computers
(architectural firm)....everything must revolve around it.