I have been doing some bench marking in my environment and have found that
client 4.91 (both SP1 and SP2) is considerably slower than 4.90SP2. My
customers do very large file transfers and we have stopped shipping the 4.91
client because of performance issues.

Specifically, when making a complete forensic image of a 30 GB drive the
4.90SP2 client takes 12 minutes. The 4.91 Clients take 26 minutes! We have
tested this over and over and something is very, very, different in the 4.91

We are imaging from a Windows XP SP2 workstation over copper gigabit
ethernet network using a pure TCP stack to talk to the Netware 6.5 SP3
server. The only thing we have changed is the version of the client. We
have gone back and forth between clients and the performance difference is
100% repeatable by simply changing clients.

Any have a clue what is going on? Is this a change in one of the default
client settings/options or is it due to underlying code changes?