I was accessing some Novell 5 and 6 servers using Microsoft's Netware
client just fine for a couple of years.
All of a sudden, I stopped being able to see the 6 cluster. I believe
the sysadmin may have inadvertently changed something that caused this.

(He said that several days earlier, before I began to experience the
problem, he added some drive space to the cluster.)

When I try to login to the Netware 6 cluster, I get prompted repeatedly

for my username and password, which it never accepts. (On a machine
with the novell client installed, I can access this server, so it's not

that I am not a valid user there.)

Along with this -- no coincidence, I'm sure -- some legacy code running

under Paradox for DOS (under Win98) began to report that the cluster
had 0 space free. This happened on the same day I began to have
problems. The Paradox for DOS code has no problem with this cluster
when running under XP.

Any suggestions for how to resolve this (other than installing the
Netware client on my machine and running the PdoxDOS code on XP) would
be greatly appreciated. Remember, this was working just fine for
several years.