I'm looking for a means to deploy and maintain the Novell Client
configuration. Previously we have used registry files imported during the
login script.

Below are the methods I'm aware of so far, and my experience so far of each...

-ACU (Automatic Client Upgrade) - This appears to be limited by the fact
that unless you set '!DoInstall=Yes' in the answer file the Client
parameters are not implemented. But the side efect of this is that the
Client Install Routine (setupNW.exe & setupw2K.exe) is initiated. I don't
need to reinstall the client, I just need to deploy the settings.

-Group Policies (NW CLient ADM Files) - Not every system that logs into our
eDirectory tree is associated to a group policy, but we need to make sure
that every client is configured the same (at least initially).

-CUA (Client Update Agent) - I've had mixed success with this, but when it
has worked it's initiated ACU.exe anyway so I suspect it is similarly
limited in being able to make config changes.

-Registry Hacks - Whether deployed through NAL or login script, this
appears to be the most direct means of updating the client config. But, it
doesn't lend itself to being easily managed and seems rather crude in this
day and age.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.