Just for those also searching for the right solution that worked for
me... Thought I would pass on what I found.

I have some XP Pro stations that will be used by possibly anyone from
our Netware 6 system and wanted different profiles for each user and
also wanted it to automatically login to their specific XP Profile
immediately after logging into Novell.

It seems like it should be an easy task to sync or pass on the logon
names and passwords to the Windows logon process, but I couldn't figure
it out on my own.

The problem was that every time a user logs into Novell, it wanted to
log into windows with the last successful user. This was very
annoying. I had contemplated to have a single user profile for all
users on this station, but this was not optimum. There were lots of
helpful hints on doing AutoAdminLogon and such, but I didn't want this.
I wanted individual Windows user profiles.

I found the answer right here, and it works great:

How to login to NDS and Domain with a single login

The only drawback is that I would have to manually add each user from
Novell into this station for it to work correctly. For some people,
this wouldn't work so well, but we only have less than 20 users, so its
not really a big deal for us.

Hope this helps out someone else...