NetWare 4.11 SP9
Windows XPP SP2
Client 4.90 SP2 (I know, not recommended with this versions of NetWare; it
works for what we're doing)

Hello. Please advise and confirm...

Wow. What a process. I have been working months (off and on; this takes a
lot of concentration to get things right!) to roll out Windows 2K and XPP to
our school. Getting the profiles to behave has been the biggest challenge,
like setting up the custom software settings and making them stick when the
new user profile gets created. Any suggestions there greatly appreciated!

In my testing and exploration, this is what I have discovered:

- Desktop Manager is required to use Dynamic Local User (at least it appears
that way)

- DLU copies its settings from the Default User
- I have customised the Default User profile, and it has over 50MB worth of
software settings
- this takes too long to copy to the virtual user on our systems at each
login (the systems are wiped on each reboot, protected by Deep Freeze)
- is there a workaround to prevent that (i.e., use the profile from one
- there is no need for users to have individually-customised profiles

- am I therefore better off to create static users (teacher/student) and set
Zen to manage those?

- on W2K, the profile let the student account write registry changes when I
push some applications from NAL. WXPP won't. What's the workaround there?

Thanks for any advice.