following disaster occured at our company today. Last week we deployed
SP2 of the Netware Client 4.91 via ZEN 6.5. Therefore we created an
application object and called setupsp.exe in the pre-installation
script. To make it work we tweaked the setupsp.inf and changed
DisplayInstallPrompts = NO and PromptUserOnCompletion = NO. All seemed
to work well as the Novell client shows SP2 at the loginscreen after the
application obejct has been applied.

However today we applied two post sp2 fixes and the whole client stops
working (no NWClient login screen was shown anymore). Investigating the
problem shows that the setupsp.exe of last week did not fully apply all
files of SP2 (e.g. loginw32.exe) and the new fixes depend on these sp2
files. This problem is fully reproducable and happend to any of our 200

Further investigation shows that applying setupsp.exe attended fully
updates all files while calling it unattended vie pre-installation
script did not. I'm not sure if it has to do with the version numbers of
some changed files not beeing incremented (dejavu of NW6.5SP4) or what
else leads to the fact that setupsp.exe did omit a few files when
running unattended.

Any ideas how to apply SP2 via zen so that all files are beeing applied,
and what is causing this strange behavour?