I have a high school that insists on keeping an NT server for the
computer lab. The teacher insists that he does not want students to
access their lab module data when they are NOT in the lab. For the rest
of the school we use a Novell 6.5sp4 server. Therefore each student has
2 logins - one for the NT system and one for the rest of the school.
The novell server provide authentication for PC's & Macintosh iMacs and
Linux Terminal Server sessions. ... just the silly NT lab is out on its
own. I would love to move everything to one system / one authentication
/ one login/password

Is it possible to configure Novell logins to give the students one set
of data storage when they are in the lab and another set of data storage
when they are elsewhere in the school? could this be IP address range
based? is there a way of changing the login script depending on where
they login from? IF ip range = then .... lab drive, ELSE common drive.
What about their home directory?

A puzzle I have not solution for...
Joe Guenther

LANtech - Didsbury Schools
Chinook's Edge School Div