Can you share the reg settings you are using? I am having issues getting
it to work with the Novell login. I can get the machine to login to the
workstation, but not into Novell. Thank you,

Tom Bannigan
CNE 5 & 6

> I am trying to set up a workstation running XP pro and client 4.9 with =
> auto login and having the ability to still connect to the workstation =
> using the remote desktop client. The auto login is working perfectly

when =
> the workstation is booted. The workstation needs to automatically

login =
> because it is running virus scanning of email. Seeings this machine is

> running all the time, I figured it is also a good machine to have

remote =
> access to do some remote administration if needed. I have configured

the =
> workstation to allow remote connection. Problem I am having is that as

> soon as I get connected, I get booted off. The auto login

automatically =
> logs back in and I get kicked off. I thought I had read that on an XP =
> workstation if "logoff" was used, the workstation would not

automatically =
> log back in. Does anybody know how to get the auto login to work this =
> way?
> Thanks.
> Brian