Ok, Pretty Lame subject, but hopefully this will help to explain.

Yes, I know about setting Client login as the default, and the *gina.dll
settings, etc... My Problem just started last week and seems to be
slowly spreading (virus??) It seems that this registry key:


(Normally Set to 0 or gone and NWClient loads first...) but after
restart, the key is set BACK to "1" which means that the nwclient login
doesn't come up first, instead the windows client comes up first.

I can do a delivered app to fix this, but it only holds until the next
startup... and then it is back to passiveMode=1

Anyone know of any programs (trojan/virus/ANY?) that might play with this

I've tried regmon but haven't found anything yet...

Stephen Shimatzki
Computer Services
Washington Local Schools.