I don't think this is a problem with Netware but I cannot find info
anywhere else.
NetWare Client Novell Client 4.90 SP2 Windows 2K SP4 (although with older
clients I have the same problem)
As soon I login, I'm logged out. It doesn't get as far as the login script
but roaming profles are copied to the local drive then, with the logout,
they are cleared.When I try connecting workstation only, I have the same
problem if I try using F8 and safe mode without the Network,I can logon to
the workstation. If I try using F8 safe mode with the Network I cannot
login. I disconnected the workstation from the network, same problem. I
can connect another PC to the hard drives. And can remotely manage the
workstations.I tried stopping various services but nothing has changed. It
could be a virus but I scanned the disks with Mcafee Stinger and Sysclean
from TrendMicro and can find now errors.

Here's hoping some can help
Terry McCarron