Most of my servers are Windows 2003 Active Directory except one old
Netware file server (I think it is 4x) which has an IP address. Our client
computers are a mix of XP and Win2000 pro, we have installed Novell client

This may sound like a stupid question but is there a way we can remove the
Novell client, have users log into AD only and remain on purely IP and
still access novell.

(Im guessing this is the whole point of the client - you can authenticate
on the Netware box and the newer clients give you the IP only

If not, can you tell me which is better (computer
performance/bandwidth/net traffic wise): Novell client 4.91 set up with Ip
only or simply installing the generic Novell client in windows (ie having
both IP and IPX running).

We want to get rid of Novell as our authenticating server and use purely AD
We will be retiring the netware box at some stage but until then...