Because an updated DB application will only run on a Windows server, we finally had to break with a pure NetWare environment and got a Win 2003 server on our network.

I am new to Win servers (actually, very very VERY new). I did manage to get one "test" user ID defined to the Windows server.

My question is, how do I map a drive letter to the shared directory on the Win server from the NetWare login script? I can't figure out the syntax (or if it is even possible). Also, is that the best way to go - using the NetWare login script?

The target location of the drive letter is on server name = WinBlah, on the D: drive and to the directory named DATA.

The PCs are all Win-XP-Pro using various 4.9.1 & up Novell clients.

The Win server is on the same internal subnet as the NetWare servers and PCs. All belong to the Windows group called HQOFFICE.

Any assistance is appreciated.