Heads should roll, yours.
I see you listing all the old clients and updates,
this shows that Novell is doing pretty much to keep up with changes.
Do you think that Networks and workstations are static ????
What is needed is education for those that don't know when and why to
the ms workstation is constantly changing Novell has to adjust when
this happens. To make things even worse MS now has everyone who knows
turning on automatic updates and they don't even know what the updates
and if you think microsoft doesn't have and update issue then you
haven't been reading. Do you know how?

fgams@smart.net Wrote:
> Just ask yourself the following questions:
> How many different versions of the Netware Client for W2K/XP are
> there?
> 4.70 forgot how many "support packs" and releases i.e. 4.7x
> 4.80 forgot how many "support packs"
> 4.81 forgot how many "support packs"
> 4.82 forgot how many "support packs"
> 4.83 SP1a / SP1b / SP1c / SP1d
> 4.83 SP2 / SP2b / SP2c / SP2d / SP2e
> 4.83 SP3 / SP3a
> 4.90 forgot how many "support packs"
> 4.91 SP1 / SP1a / SP1b / VIPX / SP2 / SP2UTF8 / SP2NMAS / SP2d /
> SP2UTF8d
> Did I miss any?
> Why so many?
> Microsoft doesn't seem to have this problem.
> Why are the same mistakes and bugs reintroduced over and over again?
> We install a patch to fix some bug and then the same bug gets
> reintroduced on the following client release... then we have
> to install a patch to fix a bug that was already fixed by a
> patch that we installed for the previous client!
> Some patches fix one thing, but break something else. Then we
> have to patch that patch.
> File locking issues have never been resolved, why can't you just
> implement it the same way Microsoft does, whichever that is. I
> don't know what the problem is, but I do know that old client32
> implementations NEVER, EVER had file locking issues. Maybe you
> guys should go back and look at that code, since you can't figure
> it out on your own. Sometimes you have to admit you've failed and
> move on, you gave it a good shot. It might save all of us some grief.
> Think about all that and any reasonable person would have to
> conclude that either Novell is not dedicating enough resources to
> develop Netware Clients, or it's incompetence. My opinion is that it
> is the latter, these people are disorganized and are plugging leaks
> in the dam, they don't have a comprehensive game plan.
> Speak Up People, maybe somebody is listening...
> Fred Gams
> Systems Analyst