I tested on a Windows XP SP2 workstation with the Novell client installed
(4.90, 4.91 w/ SP1, SP2 were all consistent). Hit Ctrl-Alt-Del, then
'Change Password' button to display the "Change Password" dialog.
Chose _only_ the Novell tree under the Resource list on the left and
changed its password. The NPPasswordChangeNotify() function of my
custom Network Provider is _not_ called (regardless of it's position in
the "ProviderOrder" registry key).

Selecting the local Windows machine -AND- the Novell tree from the
Resource list DOES call out to the network provider.

This seems to be by design in NWGINA, so I was wondering if there was
any other way to capture a password change on the client when effected
in this manner.

I also tried posting this message on "novell.devsup.nds_client" and didn't
receive any responses.