Hello all,

I am at a loss where to turn to get help on my situation and this is the
only place I could think of, Please help me.

I have a server that has been running Novell on it since 2000, my computer
tech is no longer in business and I can't contact him. I need to change
out the 2 workstations that are outdated to 2 new HP XP media center
edition workstations. I do not have the expertise to do this and I was
wondering if someone would be kind enough to help me out. I have a lot of
computer background, just not in networking. Please someone help me I am
in dire need! If you can help me you can reach me at 937-675-7119 or email
me at tajtday@yahoo.com

Thanks you all inadvance for reading this post and hopefully helping me

Best regards,