This is a response from your response to the I am a newbie thread.

Your Quote:
"In Local Area Connections Properties, click Install, click Client, and
select the Microsoft - Client Service for Netware.

Once that finishes you'll probaby want to edit the properties and
specify your NDS Tree and Context. If you don't know what it is, type
CONFIG on the Novell server and you'll see it listed as Tree and just
under it Bindery Context."

Do you have a email address? could you give it to me so we can correspond
thru email? If you do not want to give it out on this thread please email
me at I am a little confused with your
response, are you talking about the workstations or the server when you
refer to the local area connection properties? I think I will need some
more help on this issue, remember I know nothing about networks, servers
or novell. Please help me if you can I am desperate. I contacted Novell
and the closest novell specailist is 250 miles away from me. This server
is used for my business and I cant get it to work for what I need it to do.

Best regards,