This is a followup to the "mapping fails" thread. I've got a lot more
info on what's going on.
Windows XP, novell client 4.91 sp2
Server: NetWare 6.5 sp4a

This company's main program is a DOS-based database application. All
users can use the app simultaneously, modify data, etc. all happy as
clams. It's been that way for years on Win 98 workstations without issue.

We recently upgraded their workstations to the XP config above. Now they
experience the following problem.

Station 1 opens the DOS-based database app from the server (the
company's main program - don't go there).
Stations 2 thru 10 run same DOS app.
In the batch file that starts the app, the app is immediately preceded
by a capture statement, and after the app exits an endcap is performed.

Station 1 hits F4 to print. Print comes out of printer without problem.
If user exits app and goes back into it before printing again, there is
no problem. If the user hits F4 to print a second time without exiting,
his workstation locks hard. Even the three-finger salute cannot kill the
DOS app window. This is when problems start.

The server keeps that connection open until the watchdog timeout.
One workstation after another on the network also locks up, including
those of us not even using the app!
In looking at connections, those who have the DOS app open have a number
of the app's files open, but also open is capture.exe. Even putting a
pause in the batch file before the app doesn't close it.

Immediately after station 1 locks up, messages start popping up on the
server console screen. If memory serves me correctly, it says "Station
98 is unable to obtain an op-lock on file capture.exe (and/or any other
file station 1 had open) being held by station 1"

What puzzles me the most is the non-DOS app workstations getting kicked
off. We're also unable to get back ON the network, even with a reboot,
until that station 1 connection is cleared from Monitor or times out.
It's as if the server is ignoring almost everything else in favor of
station 1 releasing it's lock on that file. Also, in looking at the file
capture.exe (or whichever ones are held open), there doesn't appear to
be a lock on it from the console.