XP SP1 with Novell client for Windows 4.90 SP1a installed.

Not sure if this is happening at our other Centers yet, but here's what's happening on this one:

-Two separate NDS Trees, School and Employee

School server:

-Novell 6.5 SP3 server on subnet
-NMAS on server

Employee server:

-Novell 6.5 SP5 server on subnet
-NMAS on server

The PC we're using is on the employee subnet.

The PC could login to either server initially. We then renamed the Employee server a few weeks back. The LAN Admin there noticed last week that she can login to the employee network from this PC still, but can no longer login to the school server from any PC on the employee network. She can see the school Tree and server on the initial Novell login screen though. She gets a NetWare Security Message - Internal Error 0xFFFFF984. Logging in DOES work from a school PC to the school server w/o any changes to the clients' NMAS setting.

I browsed the Novell TIDs and saw that this is an NMAS error. It suggested turning off NMAS on the client. I did this and the PC can now login to the school server from the employee network with no error message.

However, this would have to be done on every student PC on our network. We are not sure what changed to cause NMAS to no longer appear to work.

Troubleshooting ideas?

Thanks - April