I'm trying to put together an installation that updates our clients from
4.90 SP2 to 4.91 SP2. I also would like to remove NMAS (It's not used)
and noticed that the options to REMOVE are no longer in the NCIMAN
options for installation. I noticed in the ACU.INI though that there is
a place to answer YES or NO to uninstalling pieces, so I tried this by
saying YES to uninstalling NMAS.

First off, it pops up a window "Are you sure you want to remove this?"
twice, (I really don't want that, I want it fully automated) and then I
get a failure after I went ahead and clicked the OK, I get:

Automatic Client Upgrade was unable to create the process.

Process: c:\windows\system32\ChalRespUninstall\ChalrespUnin staller.exe

Can someone explain that error? Also, can someone tell me how to make
this automated w/o the prompts from the ACU?

Bob Bair