I'm having an intermittent problem with printing from DOS apps and want to
change the buffer size on the printer object or the Print Header(?) size
on the client, but I can't find either.

non-ndps print objects have the buffer size param, but not ndps print

I'm using client 4.91 and can't find the Print header or buffer size in
the advanced settings or any other tab.

Problem: DOS print job of 3 pages gets sent to printer. Prints find down
until first half page, then bumps over to next page, leaving the 2nd half
of page 1 blank. First line on page 2 is in a font that is 1 or 2 sizes
larger. Subsequent lines are normal font.

If I reprint, the 3 pages print just fine.

Where can I change the print buffer size or print header? Is this what I
need to change to make the jobs print correctly?

Problem only happens with DOS print jobs.


NW6.5, client 4.91, client OS=XP