Situation -
We have a number of remote users (around 700) that login remotely
through VPN into Novell. They first login in with "workstation only"
selected using their local windows account and password. Once logged in,
if they need access to Novell they launch the VPN client and then login
through Novell. We have DLU enabled (6.5 servers with ZFD4 and 4.91

The problem is that not everyone's local workstation passwords remain
sync'ed as we use a third party web-based password management system (it
manages LDAP, eDir, AD, etc). Home office users have no issues as DLU is
enabled and works. However, DLU does not sync passwords if you login
using workstation only first and then launch the Novell client. Is there
a way around this to allow DLU to sync local password when logging in
manually after being logged in through workstation only?

Thanks in advance,