When using a Windows login name with a dot only the first letter is retained
after logging out, and logging in again will fail when only the password is

Windows 2000 workstation, part of an AD with several Windows servers. The
same problem seems to exist if the workstation is in a workgroup. I need to
connect to the Netware servers which are used for our student network. So I
have the Novell Client installed, currently 4.92 SP2 with post sp2 patchkit
B and the dprpcw32 update.

As of 4.91 I have this problem where only the first letter of my Windows
login name is retained after a reboot. When I try to login I get an error
stating the login name/password is incorrect. The funny thing is. With the
"Advanced" options closed I have only a login name and a password field. The
login name shown is correct. If I click on Advanced and look under the
Windows tab, only the first letter is listed there.

It does not matter if I have workstation only selected or not, the behavior
is the same. My login name is "b.bloksma" and all that is visible at the
Windows tab is "b". However...... If I login to the workstation where my
login name is "Bonno" and I log out the full name will be retained. I can
simply enter my password et voila.

So probably the dot is the problem. When selecting workstation only and
entering a login name in the field near the password I can see the entered
chars copied into the windows login name box. However..... If I use my login
name with the dot it wil only copy the first letter. If I enter the correct
name in the Windows name box is will correctly be copied in the login name
box near the password.

Is this a known bug? I haven't found any info on it. If so, when will it be
fixed? If it's not a know bug.... where can I report it?



Bonno Bloksma