Hello all again,

Back to the tablet PC issue.

I just got a brand new IBM thinkpad x41 in. I gave up on the HP. I figured out the problem but need a solution.

When I have symantec Client Firewall (version on, with all its defaults, when I try to login, LDAP works, however, I get the error after about 3 minutes that "tree or server can not be found..." And I can not login.

Once I turn off the firewall login is a little slow but just fine.

I am running Novell client with PKb and a bunch of the after releases. I have only IP bound on the workstation. I am using LDAP contextless login, no single sign-on, no static slp settings,

What can I do to tune a firewall to allow login to pass? What other setting/port must I tune to make other things work?