I have a problem where once in a while a pc will randomly lose the Directory Agents after a period of time. (DAs delivered via DHCP). The pc will have to be restarted to regain Directory Agents.

I am able to duplicate the issue by plugging a pc into a hub (for sniffing) then uplink to switch. If I physically disconnect the pc from the hub and wait 1-5 secs replug into the hub. The client will lose the Directory Agents (slpinfo /d). From my packet captures I can see the client request the same ip address and see the DHCP sever ACK. But I never see the DHCP server pass the Option 78 back to the client.

If I watch the whole process from bootup. I can see the client DHCP Request and see the Server DHCP ACK. Followed by Client DHCP Inform and Server DCHP Ack (including Option 78). Later on I will see SRVLOC DA Advertisement. So everything is working peachy from bootup.

Is this proper behavior for the Novell Client to release its DA info if there is an interruption in network connectivity?

Windows XP sp2
Novell Client 4.91sp2

Netware 6.5sp4 server Two Node Cluster
DHCP running in cluster