I have the same problem with NW6SP5 in Cluster and W2K Clients (4.91SP2).
How has you resolved it?


> We're having a problem with not being able to clear user connections from
> our NW6SP4 server.
> The problem starts out with a user workstation hanging and being rebooted.
> Files the user had open remain locked and we are unable to clear the
> connection in Remote Manager.
> The connection information in NRM shows the following:
> Connection: 14
> Login Status: Not Logged In
> Other Info: Internal Login Logout In Progress Being Aborted
> Login time: Date and time are not set 112:246 pm
> Privileges: Console Operator
> Connection Type: Internal
> Network Address: Unknown Address type (204)
> The only recourse we have is to restart the server. This is a huge problem
> since we have processes that need to run 24x7.
> The clients are Windows XP with v4.83SP2d clients. Oplocking and Filecaching
> are turned off on the server.
> Any ideas?