We are a Dell house & we run Netware 6, In the last month we've gotten
three new machines from Dell and in each case when we try to install
the Novell Client it gets installed as a secondary protocol, i.e. -the
initial Novell Client Dialog box does not come up - instead the
Window's login appears. After Windows authenticates then a Novell
Bianary server dialog box loads - not the standard Novell client login
(loginw32.exe). The "Red N" doesn't load in the sys tray. When I go to
the registry, many files - including the NWGINA.DLL in Local
Machine_Software_MIcrosoft_WindowsNT_CurrentVersio n_Winlogin have not
been written. Many other registry files are also not present.

We find if we completely uninstall XP and reinstall we are then able to
load the Novell Client normally.

Any ideas?