client 4.91 sp2, pkb (though I've seen this with "older" versions also).

Variations of this are happening to me at multiple sites.

Right now if I right click on a folder and go to Properties, Netware
Rights; nothing shows up in the Trustees window. If I go to a
subdirectory, go into Netware Rights, and then click on the inherited
rights a filters button, I can see the trustee assignment for the parent

That's annoying enough. However, my bigger problem is that I'm not able
to change the rights. I get the standard "Failed to add trustee. You
might not have sufficient rights. Continue adding?" error. I am logged
in as admin and admin shows supervisor rights to the root of the volume
when I look in inherited rights and filters. The only way I've found to
change the rights is to go into ConsoleOne and set the trustee

Any help on where to start looking?