For a few months now, all of our Netware clients (we have different
versions, starting from 4.83 to the newest one) experience slow logins.
There are two issues:

- Once you enter username and password the screen turns black or blue
(depending on the standard windows background) and it take 10 to 30
seconds until windows show the box "loading user preferences...etc...".
This issue occurs with different workstation images, on windows 2000
and XP. Even when default user is ultra small and no group policies are
applied the delay is still there.

- When are netware server that has been around the longest time is not
available (which happend often lately because of abend issues), it
takes up to 5 minutes until the user gets a login box after pressing
CTRL-ALT-DEL. This also tends to happen in rare cases on laptops that
are used offline.