To anyone who can help,
I'm running PC workstations (XP Pro SP2) with Novell Client 4.91
sp2. They are used in a mixed NW 6.5 sp5 (master) and NW 5.1 sp8
(read/write) environment with edirectory 8.7.3 with 6.5 server running
SLPDA. DHCP services is running on the 5.1 server supplying the SLP DA
address, tree name (the 6.5 server), server name, etc.

When logging into the servers from the workstations, I can not use the
fully qualified tree name, context and server to login. The client
errors saying the specified server is unknown and is not able to process
the login script. However, I am able to authenticate to the 5.1 server
and get it's drive mappings, etc. The way I'm getting around the problem
is to login in using the 6.5 server ip address and everything maps

One thing to note is that when I finally get to the desktop and surf
out network neighborhood to the tree and all the way to the 6.5 server
volumes, I am able to see them okay. Then I just initiate a login from
the desktop and I get authenticated and drive mappings with no problem.

I've tried setting the "bad address cache timeout" = 0 and the turn
off the "bad server name cache enabled" setting that apparently helped
with problems similar to this in previous clients (4.9, etc.)