Working on a proposal that would put an "active" desktop on everyone's

By putting an active desktop on everyone's computer, I will be able to
use it as a vehicle for communicating corporate messages by using video,
flash, etc.,

Users currently have no access to their desktop and must change the
desktop wallpaper daily after they log in. It has been explained to me
that the Desktop policies are pushed down from Novell's Zen for Desktops
to the workstation every time they login...that's why users have to
change their backgrounds every day. So, creating a desktop policy via
ZFD to enable Active Desktop works the same way, except they wouldn't
have to change it daily. The IT administrator says that in order for
users to have access to an "Active Desktop" they would need Local
administrative priveleges (which he will not give under any
circumstances) for the changes to take effect...
Is this accurate or can the "ACTIVE DESKTOP" be implemented securely
without giving local users administrative priveleges?
Thank you.