I have a Netware 6.5 environment that works great. Recently, however,
I've had to introduce a solitary Windows server to act as a share for a
specific program.

Best practice question 1:
Is there a way to get users to authenticate to the Windows server with
their Novell client without using Novell Identity Manager?

Best practice question 2:
If not, my users all log into their Windows 2000/XP workstations with teh
same local profile. This profile and password is identical from machine
to machine. Is it possible to access the Server share using this local
profile or do I need to create a username and login for each person
accessing teh Windows server?

Best Practice 3:
Is a syntax question. The following login script works for other server
share logins, how come I get an error code 3456 when using it? The line
MAP ROOT W:=\\Zahadoum\Axium

Thank you in advance for your help!