Dear Abend,

At least once or twice a week we'll get a PC that is constantly IDLing
across the server console screen. It is usually caused by someone who has
a keyboard cover, a book or whatever laying on the keyboard Enter key
while the screen is in locked status. I've have also seen it caused by a
bad keyboard with a sticking key. There appears to be no way to stop the
constant IDL messages without physically finding the PC and fixing the
problem or turning it off. With 4500+ users in a 6 story building this
can be a royal pain...especially if the user is away from their desk and
can't be reached by phone.

Is there any other way? Is there an option at the client (4.91/SP2/NMAS)
or server end (NW65/SP5) to prevent constant IDL messages filling up the
CONLOG because some retard has a copy of The DaVinci Code sitting on their
keyboard? Why does NetWare keep reporting IDLs even AFTER the account has
been locked? I would think once it's locked the IDL messages should quit.

Annoyed in DC