I have Windows XP 4.91sp1 clients connecting to Nw 6 and 6.5 servers.
All of the netware servers are on the Local LAN, same IP segment.
Protocal preference is IP with components NDS and SLP selected.

I want to move the SLP DA to another server (the original is being
replaced), but each workstation has the DA's IP address explicitly
entered in the properties of the client. If I moved servers, that
information would be wrong.

However, when I removed my DA's IP address, or supplied a bogus one,
everything was fine. I had no problems connecting to these servers.

Do I really need SLP configured correctly to just log into a local
server? Can it be "off" for lon enough to go around and manualy change
the client entry?

Thanks for any ideas
Jim Helfer
WTW Architects
Pittsburgh PA