According to this page:

The capability is there for single sign-on with version 10 of the
Proset software and the 4.90SP2 Novell client. Thus far however I have
had no success.

I am using Proset and the 4.90 SP2 client with a Cisco LEAP
wireless environment, however I am unable to use the instructions
provided here. In particular, this statement:

"Verify that the Use prelogon feature for wireless networks is selected
on the Novell Client* for Microsoft Windows* 2000/XP login screen."

appears to be entirely false, as this setting does not exist and is not
discussed anywhere else, including Novell's documentation. Intel
support told me go talk to Novell.

I have all of the needed components of the Proset software and set up a
profile with the Admin toolkit. Not only do I not have a pre-logon
option, but the profile does not actually authenticate with windows
logon even after signing in, which it should, but instead prompts for a

Has anyone managed to get this working successfully? Could you provide
a more detailed procedure, as to what needs to be done?