I'm trying to map a drive letter from my Win-XP PC to a Windows server 2003 Sml Busn Edn.
The Win server is running MSFT Services For NetWare, that I downloaded from MSFT.

I was previously advised to try the following...
>> What you should have done is this: <<
>> #MAP ROOT V:=\\winserver_FPNW\vol\path
>> END

I could not get the MAP ROOT command to work to the Windows server. I tried it at a DOS prompt on my XP PC. My syntax was as follows:
MAP ROOT X:="\\fsvr_ep_fpnw\pfx eng" (bogus name used for posting)
....which returned the following err msg:
MAP-4.13 (970813) PTF-430: The following drive mapping operation could not be completed.
The error code was 8884.

[1] What is the volume name? Is that the "label" of the D: drive on the Win server? Is it really needed as part of the synatx? I renamed the D: drive to:
[2] What is the FPNW in the above sample syntax that I was advised to use?
[3] Any suggestions on how to get this drive mapping to work???

I've not worked on a Win server before, so any help would be greatly appreciated.


- Howie -