We use Novell 3.2 with an Adaptec 6944a-Network-Adapter. At the moment there
are 1 of 4 lines connected to the switch.

If we connect all lines or more than 1 the Novell Client 4.90 SP2 needs many
retries (manually initiated) to find our server (every restart). After
log-in everything works fine.

The Handbook 'DuraLan Fast Ethernet NICs User's Guide' (Adaptec) describes
in chapter 'Connecting Clients to the Netware SA, FO, PA, or FEC Server' how
to increase the parameter 'ipx retry count' for DOS (net.cfg) or Windows NT
(hkey_local_machine\system\currentcontrolset\servi ces\netware
workstation\paramters\retry count).

But I don't find it for Windows 2000 and Novell 4.92 SP2.

Can someone help us?

CU Sven & Co