To all,

OES NW 6.5 SP4a. XP SP2 pc using 4.91 SP1.
Let me know if this needs to placed in another forum.

Error or issue:
Home(H:) directory via My-Computer gives out-of-space errors. I
originally during user-creations, manually set all H drives to 20mb limit
via C1 (1.3.6e). I have one user acct, and only one, that will
not allow userx to copy more than 20mb to their H. Usually when
this happens, I simply increase from 20mb to, say, 50mb or whatever
size appropriate. Check all sizes and all is ok. But this folder
via XP SP2 My Computer still sees nothing but the 20mb limit.

In C1, I have removed all size restrictions from /vol2/home/userx
folder, making it unlimited. Doesn't matter.
In C1, I have simply increased userx's limit to 500mb. Doesn't matter.
In C1, I have verified correct rights to /vol2/home/userx folder.
In C1, I have removed rights and readded to vol2/home/userx folder.
Doesn't matter.
I did update to 4.92 SP2 and applied B patch 491psp2_pkb.exe on pc in
question. Doesn't matter.

XP SP2 pc in question on AD domain also.

Thanks for the help!