Hey I've got a quick question. I inherited a small problem at my new
job ... we have our primary services running on Novell servers and we
are in the process of joining our systems to an Active Directory
domain. I'm all good on the Microsoft side of things, however I have a
small problem with the Novell GINA. When I join a system to the domain,
the default Windows authentication automatically goes to the domain
instead of the local machine. For the time being, I'd like to be able
to associate workstations with our domain, but continue to have our
users authenticate against the local computer's SAM without having to
change the setting (yes, that would be too much work for them). Does
anyone know how to do this?

FYI: I did my own homework by searching online, but everyone seems to
want to specify the Active Directory domain name instead of the local
machine. Also, I did some searching myself, and came across the
following registry value: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Novell\Location
and it's normally set to blank, but you can't specify the computer name
in there since it's dynamic. Also, if you do specify something, it
thinks it's a domain and tries to locate a domain controller for
whatever you specify which is also wrong. Any ideas? Thanks!