Hi there,

We have 3 NW6.5 sp4 servers. The third one was added to the mix recently and does not hold a replica as of yet! All stations connecting to this 3rd new server are using WIN2000 sp4 with Novell Client 4.91 sp2. (including all the post sp2 fixes)

At first, when we brought up the server, there was no problems, ran fine for a day or so? Then, at random times different systems would drop off the network or at a minimum loose their mapping [only] to the new server? If you login again you're fine for a while then, boom ... you're off again?

There has been two occasions that users have had to reboot several times before they were able to login. We have also seen 886f errors during the login process on the results window?

All of the effected stations are in the accounting group and are in a remote building from the other main two servers. Yet, GroupWise, File/Print and Internet (which are remote to accounting) can be accessed without a problem. Only the server local to them seems to have issues? And it's NOT all users, and it's NOT all the time?

One last note. We have a user in the main building accessing accounting server and he seems to be fine??? Even though he's been only on the server for a day, I have not heard of any problems yet?

Any ideas?