Hi guys.

I uninstalled the Novell client on one workstation and after doing so,
it is trying to connect to some Netware shares every time I load any
Microsoft Office product (Outlook, Word, Excel, etc). It is only at
the start of these programs does this happen. Obviously, with the
Netware client off it won't be able to complete this successfully.

If I login with my account, MS Office does not do this. So, I made a
new profile for the user on the same PC and the problem returned! Eek!
Cannot find anything of value in the registry and using tracing
programs such as Filemon/Regmon come up empty. Attempts to reinstall
the Novell client throw up an error (0x00000001 I believe).

I'm at the point where I will have to rebuild this PC. Would rather
not, so this anyone have an easily fix?