I'm having some problem finding solutions for the Automatic Client
Updater that is packaged within Netware clients. I've been charged with
the task of updating ver. 4.81 to 4.83 and I am having some difficulty
with it.

When I deploy the update on a test group I have to be logged in as an
administrator, the error I am receiving is 'In order to use this program
you must have Administrator rights on the workstation.' When I log in as
an Administrator I receive the error 'Unable to locate files required for
SETUPNW.EXE installation. (\\server\volume\directory\winnt\i386
\nww2k.inf)'. My problem here is that I can't find this .inf file
anywhere and I can't find a client download for 4.83.

Does anyone know where I can find a client download for ver. 4.83 and is
there a way that I can bypass the administrative requirements that is
stopping my updates? Should I consider going to the 4.91 version?

Thanks in advance,