The server uses Netware 6 and is running IP only. There are no directory
agents set up and there are no ip addresses entered in the netware client
on the PCs. In another newsgroup I was told "The clients will perform
both a broadcast and multicast to determine other SLP services on the
surrounding network" and thus find the tree and servers.

The problem: If the XP firewall is disabled new workstations objects are
created in NDS and remote control etc works normally.

When the firewall is enabled the "Tree or server cannot be found".
Workstation objects are not created. In the Windows firewall all the exe
files in the c:\program files\novell\zenworks folder and all folders
underneath are listed in the exceptions list. From information found
looking through the Web I have opened the following ports:

TCP Ports: 1761, 427, 524, 123, 21, 53, 998, 1521, 2638, 8039, 65432,
443, 389, 636.

UDP ports: 1761, 1762, 427, 524, 123, 67, 4011, 69, 53, 1763, 1765.

The problem remains. Thanks in advance for any suggestions that may
resolve the problem.