We are experiencing a problem where Word documents do not create an entry
in salvage if using 4.91 client but it does work if using a 4.90 client.

To duplicate using a 4.90 sp2 client:

Open word and start typing
Save to a Netware Nss volume that has salvage enabled as testdoc.dot
Go to the salvage of that folder and there is a testdoc.dot of 0 bytes
that can be salvaged
Return to word and edit the document, save
Go to salvage and there is an additional entry for testdoc.dot of 19kb
As you edit the doc and save, new entries are created in salvage meaning
that you can retrieve older versions of the document at any time.

If you do the same thing with a 4.91 client (have tried with all 3 service
packs) only the initial 0 byte entry is created in salvage, however, if I
use wordpad then the same results occur with the 4.91 client as with the
4.90 client.