A little off topic but perhaps this will save someone time tracking
down the solution.

If your XP workstations have upgraded themselves to Internet Explorer 7
you no doubt have encountered "The Publisher Could Not Be Verified"
message from programs being run from your server drives.

The usual fix calls for running GPEDIT.MSC then go to:
User Configuration >> Administrative Templates >> Windows Components >>
Attachment Manager
and add "*.exe" to the "Inclusion list for moderate risk file types"

But what about all the XP Home machines running happily on Novell?
They don't have a GPEDIT.MSC file and copying one from an XP
Professional machine doesn't work. Here's an alternative solution for
the Home machines.

From Internet Explorer 7 click:
Tools >> Internet Options >> Security >> Local intranet >> Sites >>

In the "Add this website to the zone" field, enter the following:


If you have multiple servers mapped repeat the above step as necessary.

Hope this helps.