I have a strange problem that I am trying to get to the bottom of.
On machines with the Novell client installed, Onbase takes a very long
time (3 minutes+) to retrieve a document using DDS to connect to the
data store. (If I understand the problem correctly, DDS eventually times
out and a UNC path is used... ) The first document retrieved is the only
one affected, all documents retrieved thereafter are fast, because it
continues to use the UNC path. It seems to be related to the Novell
client (any recent XP version). I first noticed this in my office when
we switched to Onbase 5 sometime this past summer.

I didnt know what was causing it, only that all of our machines were
affected, and people in other offices (not using Novell client) had no
reported issues.
To isolate the problem I started with a fresh install of Windows, I
installed the Oracle client and then the Onbase fat client v5 and
tested... I was able to retrieve documents as usual.
I then installed the Novell client, restarted and logged into Onbase..
and went to retrieve an image and waited.. 3 minutes later.. my doc came
It doesnt matter whether you login to network resources with the Novell
client or not (just having it installed is enough to cause the issue)
My question... Is this a known issue?? Do DDS and Novell not play nice?
Is there any resource that both Novell and DDS rely on that could be
compromised? Ive examined a tcpdump log from this machine when it
connected to the data store and cant see any common ports between Onbase
and Novell.. I am at a loss

Any and all advice is greatly appreciated..

Myke Welch