I'm wondering if someone can help with a problem I'm having with the Novell
Client when I use remote desktop connection.

When I use Remote Desktop to try to attach to our Windows 2003 server (with
the Novell Client 4.91SP2 installed on the server) I get the normal Novell
Client login box. I click "Advanced" and I see all the tabs for eDirectory,
Script, etc. I can log in and everything is perfect.

When I try to attach to a Windows XP computer, I get a Novell Client, but it
is not the full client. Instead of saying "Novell Client 4.9 SP2" in the
title bar, it says "Remote Desktop Log On To Windows" It is asking me to
log in using the Windows credentials instead of the eDirectory ones. Even
though I have created a local Windows account, I get a "Failed to log in to
the Windows Workstation" error. I know the account works because I can
locally log in to the "Workstation Only" with it.

Any ideas how I can get remote desktop for XP to give me the full Novell
Client login?