I'm facing a strange behaviour in an installation of one of my customers.
They use Netware 5.1 fully patched (no NSS volumes) and use about 30 win2k
sp4 boxes with NW client 4.83 sp2 on the user side.

They use mainly the same set of applications: it is an executable written
(in DOS Clipper 5.2e) by themselves, that is from 1 to 5 times on each
workstation, with different set of data (same exe, different database set or
The thing is that app opens a lot of files (approx. 130 files, all opened at
the same time when performing its job).

As they use all 3 to 5 apps, everything works perfectly up to a moment when
they decide to open (maybe) one more app, consuming another 130 file

The config.nt has a sentence with FILES=255 (just to be sure).

Under some circunstances (that I couldn't reproduce myself), the application
gives an error (not necesarilly in the last open session) telling something
related to an action over a database that can't be done due to an obscure
reason. My impression is: some of the files that should be open was closed
by the operating system or ... something else.

I tried all the same in a standalone workstation (copying everything
locally), and couldn't reproduce the error, what makes me think that the
problem is on the nw client side.

Is there any report about having too many open files in a given workstation
(using w2k) or some kind of limitation to open, maybe, 5*130 files or more?

Hope to be clear with my explanation, it is a little hard to explain.

Kind regards,
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